New Beginnings 2014


At Build your own Blog, kids quickly  learned the secrets of building a unique blog and enhancing their writing style.  In addition to creating their own blog-posts and writing about various  topics like travel, movies, sports, science; at the end of the six sessions, everyone went LIVE with their very own blog!

The Coming of Age Story Workshop

In genre studiesComing of age is a genre of literature and film that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood. The subjects of coming-of-age stories are typically males and females in their mid teens struggling with various different issues.

Students of Gargi College Delhi participated in a three day Creative Writing Workshops where they indulged in Fantasy Writing and Coming of Age stories and  tackled  themes of maturationacculturation, loss of innocence, new wisdom and worldliness besides understanding both the genres in depth.

Movie Magic and The Imagination Lab

Children participated in a six week Creative Writing and Movie making  program at the American Embassy School New Delhi. Various inter-active sessions included movie screenings, dialogue, character, script appreciation and writing your own travel blogs and movie reviews.

Three Day Intensive Creative Writing Workshop

Students participated in a three day Creative Writing Workshop at Kamala Nehru College, Delhi. Various sessions included Conventions and Traps, Fantasy Writing, Dialogue attribution, Understanding Character and Story Critiquing. The students were given two writing exercises each day.

Practising Writers Workshop

The workshop will introduce key concepts and ideas in theories of narrative, and will equip writers with critical tools they need to start working with as writers and critics.

Objective:  In  Convention and Traps, writers will be introduced to the latest writing practices which have become the standard norm but may limit the creative process. This session will raise questions, alter perceptions and assist the practising writer to take their writing to the next level.

The Biggest Investment will delve deep into the subject of Character through the eyes of different authors like Amit Choudhuri and Fay Weldon.

Besides talking about the art of writing, the Practising Writers Workshop will also include the notions of experimenting, revising, and editing.

Outcome: Writers will complete two writing exercises, one that will include their favourite novel. They will also be asked to critique a story, review structure in Anatomy of Writing and deconstruct text in an intellectual manner. The workshop sessions will be conducted amidst a highly interactive and stimulating group environment with consistent feedback on the written pieces from everyone.

The goal is to become a community of writers who experiment, craft, revise and tinker with their work.

Presented by Of Heroes and Villains

Presented by Of Heroes and Villains

Date:  5th October

Time: 2-4:30pm

Venue: South Delhi

Fees: INR 1000

The September Chapter

Writing for Film : Screen Writing Workshop
What do American Beauty and Boys Don’t Cry have in common? What makes Forrest Gump and Tootsie memorable characters? An amazing script. Enjoy the creative process of piecing together the elements that make a good screenplay. Delve into structure, story arcs, character and dialogue in this beginners level screen writing workshop. Conceive an original film idea which will be workshopped in class and learn the nuances of movie language by watching together some critically acclaimed films.Tuesdays and Thursday 6-8pm (6 classes)
Starting  September for 12 hours in 3 weeks
Venue: American Embassy School Chanakyapuri
Fees :INR3500 / $70
Fall 2013 Adult Education Program

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Online registration to courses will be open from August 13 to September 3, 2013.

What happened in August…

A robust Imagination Lab on the 24th of August 2013

“It was nice and very,very fun. I have become better in writing. I think you should do more sessions.”—Ahaan Sawhney


A Creative Writing Workshop at Habitat’s Children Book Forum on the 10th of August

Our Other Workshops

 Creative Writing Workshop for Adults

Writing is a form of personal freedom. When we write we imagine, create, escape, enter new worlds and momentarily live in them. Creative writing provides us with the tools to make the above possible. In this workshop, you will discover how to use these tools for writing your own stories. Because what you know, makes you unique.

Outline:  This is a workshop in writing, critiquing and work-shopping written assignments in fiction. After delving into the Writer’s Tool Box, experiment with your thoughts in the Memory Lab and complete an Improv Writing session. Cap it all by a critique on a piece written by one of contemporary literature’s giants.

Objective: Writers who complete this workshop will gain valuable insight into narrative structure, story movement, characterisation, description, reflection and dialogue.

This module will ultimately encourage writers to consider the ways in which reading leads to writing, and to what extent original, contemporary storytelling must always refer to other texts, stories and structures from the past and present. Finally, participants will produce one piece of narrative fiction.

Venue: Defence Colony, Delhi

Writing for Film: Screen Writing Workshop

Do movies make you cry? Do heroes and underdogs inspire you? Let’s get to the heart of what makes a great film- a good script. It’s crucial to remember that film is a visual medium. In this workshop you will learn not to tell your audience but to show them.

Outline: This is a workshop in writing, critiquing, and work- shopping written assignments in creative screenwriting, which includes classic, contemporary and regional cinema.

Objective: Students who successfully complete this workshop will know something about contemporary screen writing in the urban scenario especially writing for Cinema in India. They will gain practice in a guided environment in the techniques of creative screen writing; such as developing story, structure, acts, character arcs, scene construction, dialogue and (if they take the final step at an advanced level) will have completed one polished manuscript. After completing their script they will also be briefed about presenting and pitching their finished work in a professional manner.

Venue:Defence Colony, Delhi

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