Creative Writing Workshop Gargi College—Day 1

Day 1

A workshop on ‘Mystery Writing’ was organized for Quilluminati by ‘Of Heroes and Villians’ today. It focused on incorporating effective and prudent ways to highlight one’s perspective and come up with a piece which would pique the reader’s interest.

Ms. Deepali Junjappa gave a vivid picture of the mistakes young writer’s involuntarily incorporate in their write-ups and tips to rectify them. An interactive session on short stories brought up points which should be avoided while writing one, like – not going overboard with the characters’ description and restricting one’s story in a defined time zone in terms of location and time.

The girls also engaged themselves in interesting activities like writing a story from a mother’s point of view who has recently lost her son WITHOUT revealing the situation, and building on a short story from famous first lines of renowned books. While some opted the sadist tone for the former, some came up with the paranormal. The plethora of creative ideas and writings was altogether an amazing learning experience!


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