Creative Writing Workshop – Gargi College. Day 2


The second day of the workshop by ‘Of Heroes and Villians’ focused on Dialogue and Humor Writing.

Ms. Deepali Junjappa gave beneficial tips for avoiding involuntary mistakes while writing dialogues. According to her, by not using adverbs to emphasize the emotion and using some foreign language in our writing can account for a better and authentic piece. Her take on humor writing is inspired by writers from the late 80’s. By presenting our shortcomings in a funny way is the new trend which will soon plague the Indian writing.

The workshop was accompanied by interesting activities such as the dialogue building, on the cue “I told you to get the red lipstick” and humor writing on ‘My topmost memorable split up’/ ‘A hidden flaw’. The girls took the topics to a whole new level by unleashing the reins of their imagination. The creative atmosphere breached new ideas, breaking the stereotypes. It was, indeed, an amazing learning experience!

Details and photography : Mamta Dagar.


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