Childrens’ Workshop


The Imagination Lab–Story Writing Workshop

If you enjoy crazy adventures with your favourite hero, love writing stories, marvel at magical characters, come join us at The Imagination Lab.

The workshop shall focus on enhancing basic story writing skills and will be primarily for children who are not just interested in books but love to extend themselves into writing. It will include popular children’s literature as well as classics and will be packed with a lot of fun activities.

Outline: Our various interactive sessions The Photo LabBring out the Boxing Gloves, The Imagination Factory and Sowing the seed are designed to encourage kids to think out of the box. Workshop size is limited to ensure that each individual receives plenty of guidance and feedback because everyone’s voice is unique and our workshops are not competitive.

Objective: Students will be given fun writing exercises which they have to narrate, describe and perform in class. Participants who successfully complete this workshop will gain valuable insight into developing their imagination and writing short stories at a more advanced level.

Our workshops are held in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore throughout the year.

Contact: 09930923703

Fantasy Writing Workshop for kids

 Outline:  Aimed at kids and teenagers, the Fantasy Writing workshop shall focus on creating unique Super hero characters, Super Realms, Super Powers and Super arch villains combined with  a  unique story  perspective of a Fantastical universe.  The students will also be shown Fantasy films like Spiderman, AvengersHarry Potter and  Percy Jackson to help critique and understand idea, story and characterization better.

Objective: The Fantasy Writing workshop will encourage students to take their extra ordinary imagination to the next level. They will be given fun writing exercises which they have to narrate, describe and perform in class. Participants who successfully complete this workshop will gain valuable insight into the mesmerising world of fantasy fiction and movies besides writing original fantasy stories at a more advanced level.


Movie Magic 

What do Iron Man and Batman have in common? What obstacles does Katniss Everdeen face in The Hunger Games?

Enter the magical world of movies and discover how your favourite film and characters were created.  In our Watch, Gauge & Learn Movie Magic workshop, you’ll be viewing a short film, after which you will learn the secrets to what makes a great film!

Movie Magic is brought to you by Deepali and Dalang from Of Heroes and Villains. With a background in film & television and a great love for cinema we look forward to sharing our passion with you.

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Testimonials by some children who attended our workshop at the India Habitat Centre

The Boxing Gloves and write about your favourite author was great. You know, it was very interesting and everyone enjoyed. The teachers were positive towards us.

Harikrishan Nair

I loved the debate! I also though the Photo Lab was cool. Aww, it could have been longer! I was enjoying it! Oh! You mean Deepali Ma’m and Dalang ma’m ? They’re really cool! This workshop should be conducted again.  Oh, I’m speechless.

Deeksha Khan

My favourite was the Boxing Gloves. It was good and I enjoyed the Photo Lab.

Anushka Sharma

I loved the Boxing Gloves session and all in all, it was great fun.

Amartya Singh Sharma

My favourite session was the Boxing Gloves andthe  Picture Photo Lab. It was fine because we got a hint before  and how long it would be. The other activities were fun and interesting. I had great fun. It was different and refreshing.

Shraddha Pandey

The Imagination Lab was great and I want to do it again.

Donna Malik

I had a superb time and the presenters were excellent.

Ayaan Amman


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