Seeking Journalism

Cub reporters getting all geared

Our class on ‘Journalism’ had plenty of cub reporters writing their first journalistic piece. Arresting sessions like ‘Sowing the seed” and “Interview Time’ got all the kids excited and in the end, most of them came up with brilliant little reports.

The Short Story Writing Workshop

The Short Story Writing workshop in collaboration with Half Baked Bean was a huge success with the participants. The two day intensive course included various sessions from Finding your voice as a writer to Discovering new genres and dabbling with the Anatomy of Writing. In the end, participants were asked to workshop their stories, where they received critical feedback on language, structure, dialogue, vocabulary and over all crux of the story. A special Q n A session with bestselling author Faraaz Kazi took the icing on the cake as he graciously answered questions and talked about new and young writing in India.