Travel Writing and Screenwriting Workshop

The Travel and Screen writing workshop held for the Creative Writing Society of Gargi college was a huge hit with the students who turned up en-masse for both the sessions. In the travel writing workshop, the students were introduced to  popular genres like the travel memoir and the travelogue where Dalanglin took them through popular and well written memoirs like Eat, Pray Love and Under the Tuscan sun. Students were then asked to write about their last holiday without using words like ‘quaint, timeless and ancient’. The results were outstanding and some of the students came out with amazing stories and memories all rolled up in  one. For the Travelogue portion Deepali showed them popular travel blogs by some of the best travel writers we have, like Mary Morris and Pico Iyer. Later they were asked to jot a short travel  narrative circling around a  particular anecdote or  incident. Once again  the students bedazzled everyone with their writing prowess.

The second day was dedicated to screenwriting, and here the students were introduced to various stages of screenwriting from creating a log-line, writing  a 120 page paradigm structure to understanding plot-points and the importance of the first ten minutes of a movie.

All in all, students enjoyed the process and came up with some very interesting log-lines; some of which that could easily be pitched to a movie producer in a studio some day. Looking forward to more such sessions in the future!