All the writing activities were so much fun. I enjoyed all the sessions especially the one where we had to write the first line from different novels.It made me realize that the same line could mean several things.

Shubhali Chopra– Kamala Nehru College

I loved the workshop. It has surely given me a better perspective into things and  will help me in the future for sure. Thank you so much for being there.

Devlina Dutta

The facilitators were very interactive and open to suggestions. The activities were very well thought, something that will enhance our writing skills if followed in the long term.

Raghvi Jain

Deepali and Dalang were patient and friendly. Perfect guides:) The art of writing was unravelled and will help me in future endevours 🙂


Dalang and Deepali helped us look at writing with a different perspective.They provided us with a structure that provides you a push to start writing.

Mallika Khosla

The bit that amazed me the most is that the presenters and the session had all of my focus and attention. I did not once stare at the clock.So, hats off! Also, the presenters are lovely and very well informed. More, importantly, I had trouble putting my thoughts on paper being too self critical, but I’ve overcome that. So, thank you!

Shradha Rao

The session was enriching and encouraging.It really opened my mind to writing and many more things.It will stay with me for long.I appreciate the fact that it made me much more confident and accepting towards my writing. Also, the technicalities of writing structure were very helpful. Ms Dkhar’s discussion On “Characters”  on day 2 was my favorite and Ms Junjappa’s tips on how to write on what you don’t know was amazing.

Sneha Kandhari

I would love to attend your workshop again. Interesting till the end.

Sakina Batt

All in all it was a first time experience where I could interact with someone from the industry. An in depth interaction and such workshops are necessary.

Siddhartha Sarin

The workshop was very informative and we learnt some very crucial elements of script writing and screenplay. Overall it was a great learning experience.

Vinamrata Bhojwani


Through creative approach students learn difficult forms of screen writing and could think out of the box.In terms of  scripting and evolving of ideas for the small screen, this kind of workshop is  effective.

Sujeet Kumar

Apart from learning different aspects of screen writing, one came to realize what are the areas where basic mistakes are committed, while writing screenplays, which to me was a very crucial thing. For example, people tend to get repetitive in screenplay writing and how that can be avoided.

Ashish Jha

Excellent and a wonderful experience. For sure it helps a great deal in changing the way one approaches a writing piece or a story. The teacher explained every concept of writing a story which was helpful in opening the closed doors of our mind.

Allen Parker

A useful, well conducted workshop.

Deepak Sachdeva

I overcame my obstacles in story writing. Grasped so many things from the screenplays of other students during the workshop .

Upasna Singh

It certainly changed my way of thinking and framing stories. It widened my horizons about the scope of thinking beyond just the usual love-gangster stories.

Rohit Kumar

After attending the workshop, I can write and develop a full fledged story which was a fear earlier.

Navneet Kaur

This workshop sets a foundation for people who wish to work in the media industry. It teaches us the fundamental concepts of creative writing and brings into light other’s writing. We learnt a lot about different writing styles and effective usage of words.

Ajay Sharma



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